the week ahead

the week ahead is a busy one. we have party prepping and play galore as we near eli’s first birthday. it’s fun. it’s busy. but in the midst of it all, i am in awe. i am in love. i am simply overwhelmed by how fast this year has gone. my baby eli is about to turn on (a week from tomorrow). i never thought the day would come when i would actually have a baby…much less a one year old toddler who has a full-blown personality. it’s a beautiful thing. so, excuse my posts over the next week or so as i am 100% certain they will be sappy, emotional and reflective. it’s just how it’s going to be. there will be cupcakes, s’more trail mix, watermelon, beach balls, bouncy house, bbq, balloons and champagne (it is a party after all) galore. we will celebrate with family and friends as our miracle turns one.

i plan on printing my blog from the day eli was born to create a book that he (and we) can cherish forever. i am beyond happy that i have kept up this blog to capture his life from conception. this spontaneous journal that started nearly two years ago as a cathartic tool to get me through a really bad time is something i will now

my little lumberjack

my little lumberjack

forever hold dear to my heart.

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