a letter to eli from daddy

a letter to eli from daddy on your first birthday.

eli and daddy

eli and daddy

Little man- you came into the world at 9:12. I think the doctor missed it by a minute. I say that only because of who you are, who you were named for and how hard it was to get to that day. You see, you were named for daddy’s best friend Mark Hindy. Mark died on 9/11/2001 in a terrorist attack that re-wrote history and there have been too many “coincidences” in your first year for me not to think that you were actually born at 9:11. From the commemorative bottle of makers MARK we bought for you that was randomly plucked by someone else from a box and was #911/8400 (mark wore #84 in high school football) to the outstanding year that the cards have had with you in attendance at many of these events (mark was a closet uofl fan, wink wink), all of these were better with you.

You have made me a better person this year. You have helped me grow up (I did not say mature) more than in any year before. Ultimately you have changed the way I look at life because I want to spend as much time with you as I can.

I will echo what your mother said in that we won’t be friends for many years to come, but I hope that one day we will. At the time I do them, some things will make you mad and you will wonder why. I hope to teach you and guide you not just by words but also by actions. I want you to look with honor and pride at your dad and say, “he loves me, and I love him.” And I want to always look at you and know that I did everything I could to make the right decisions for you and your mom.

Happy first birthday MEK. I love you more than any daddy before.pk.

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