the end and the beginning

today is the first day in 367 days that i have not breast fed Eli (or at least pumped). it is bittersweet. very bittersweet. after the doctor confirmed yesterday that eli is thriving and i am no longer paranoid about his milk consumption (or lack of) via sippy cup, i decided today was the day to try to cut the breastfeeding ties. he’s been barely eating on me for the past few months (and really only the left side — my favorite and his!) but the bond is what has kept me going. but he’s ready to be finished. at least i think so. i am sad to end this sweet and beautiful era with Eli. if you had told me 9 months ago that i would breastfeed until eli was one i would have never believed it (or even thought it possible). but i did and despite the difficultly sometimes, it has been 100% worth it. it has been a great ride and i am so very thankful that eli and i had this experience together. it is time now to move on to the next phase but I will forever cherish and remember my snuggles and middle of the night feedings.



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