my granny

this weekend was sad. and happy.

saturday morning i awoke to a phone call letting me know my granny passed away during the night. it was unexpected, yet expected. if that makes sense. it has still yet to really sink in, but my heart has been really heavy for the past few days. tomorrow we will head to lexington for the memorial service which will be more of a celebration of life…a very full and beautiful life. a “celebration” is definitely what granny would have wanted. and, for those of you who knew granny, she was pretty set in her ways and usually got what she wanted:).

you see, granny was a very interesting and intriguing lady. and we had a very interesting relationship. she was my mom’s stepmom. sadly, i never met my mom’s mom as she passed away of leukemia when my mom was in her early 20’s. the thought of that makes my heart stop as i cannot imagine losing my mom. ever. (that’s a whole other post that i will hopefully get to sooner vs. later). granny was the only grandmother i knew on my mom’s side. people always smiled when we told them about granny…she was one of a kind. even at the age of 83 she was still quite the lady. she was a musician, singer, piano player, golfer, dancer. she took regular cruises, gardened, dined out. she enjoyed life. a lot. isn’t that all any of us can hope for? i have so many memories of spending time at her awesome home in lexington — i always loved the room we slept in that was in the dormers upstairs and overlooked tates creek. i thought it was SO cool hearing the cars zoom by at night (something we didn’t hear in our secluded house in corbin). i always think of granny when i think of christmas and parties. she thoroughly enjoyed company.

but beyond all of this, the thing i will most remember about granny (and will take away as a life lesson), was her amazing sense of self. granny knew exactly who she was. she enjoyed life. she knew what she wanted. she didn’t seem to be bothered by the opinions of others and shared hers quite freely (if granny didn’t like something — you knew it! for instance, my wedding day hair style or my furry vest a few christmas’s ago). there is something to be said for this sort of real, open, honest manner of living. and, as an over-people-pleaser, i think i could benefit from incorporating some of this approach to life.

my heart is heavy for myself as i will miss granny and her wise cracks at christmas (usually after a couple straight vodkas). my heart is heavy for eli as he will never really know his granny. my heart is heavy for my mom as this is the second time in her life she has had to say goodbye to a “mother” figure. granny told my mom recently that even though my mom and her brother were not “her” kids…the grandkids and great-grandkids were hers. that makes my heart smile. regardless of the hard times granny may have given me, i know it was all out of love and i will miss her dearly.

tomorrow, in her honor, i plan on wearing something a little eccentric just to make her smile as she watches down on the service (she always had a crack about my attire/style).

and, the “happy” part of this sad time is that granny led an amazing, full life and she passed away in her sleep peacefully. that’s really all any of us could ever hope for – for loved ones and ourselves.

much love granny. much love.


ROBINSON Ann Huddleston, 83, widow of James H. Robinson, Jr, died Sat, June 22, 2013. Born in Lexington, she was the daughter of the late Harvey and Nora Eads Huddleston. A graduate of the UK college of Fine Arts, College of Music, she was also on the music faculty at UK. Ann was the first accompanist with the Lexington Singers, later becoming accompanist emeritus. She sang with the Lexington Singers, served as choir director with various churches in Lexington, played the organ with Milward Funeral Directors and acted in various theatre productions. She was an avid UK basketball fan and enjoyed traveling. She is survived by her children, James H. (Judith Helm) Robinson, III, Chevy Chase, MD and Jane Ann (Carmel) Wallace, Lexington; grandchildren, Patrick (Jackie) Wallace, Atlanta, GA and Meredith (Patrick) Klapheke, Glasgow, KY; great grandchildren, Alex Wallace and Eli Klapheke; and her special friend, Ambrose Sanchez. A memorial service will be 1:30pm Tue at Anchor Baptist Church. Memorials may be made to the Lexington Singers or UK School of Music.




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