per usual, things have been a bit busy at Eli’s crib. pk has been working a ton (a blessing and a curse as you all know), our part time nanny has been out for a month due to surgery, we had my grandmother’s funeral, i have a looming Pilates test (the final phase) with dozens of hours still to complete, the list goes on.

so, needless to say, we’ve been busy. i have to admit, i have gotten a small taste of what single-montherhood is like and i have SO much respect for them. it’s hard when you go full days with no interaction other than your 1-year old and you are responsible for keeping the whole house going, everyone (including dogs) fed, clean and healthy, paper towels stocked, laundry (tons!), healthy groceries/food options, figuring out childcare for when i have to teach, etc. i am so blessed to be able to stay home with Eli (pretty much full time) and i wouldn’t change it for the world. however, it’s not easy. by any stretch of the imagination. with Linda being out for a month, my “me” time has been pretty much eliminated outside of the couple hours a week i travel to BG to teach (and make super fast grocery runs while there). otherwise, Eli has been attached to my hip (well, more like my leg these days — the little stinker still won’t walk and chooses to use chairs, legs, wagons,anything to cruise along.)

so, rather than go on and on about how simply awesome Eli is and how much he changes daily (new words like “hat” and making much more sense with what he’s pointing at…it’s awesome), i will just share some pics from my ever-full Instagram feed. Life is beautiful.












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