13 months

it seems like yesterday we were celebrating eli’s first birthday and now we are well into his second year of life. while the month (and summer) has absolutely flown, it seems like eli has changed a ton. every day seems to bring something new.

in one short month he has really started communicating. words are coming out with regularity and being used appropriately – hat, bye-bye and ball are his favorites. mama and dada are often used. and, he typically likes to point at whatever he’s talking about.

he loves to wave. he waves to people as they come in and leave. he waves to the dogs. he waves to trees. he waves to pretty much anything.

he loves to be chased. the belly laughs and snorts that being chased cause are simply priceless.

he is loving the pool. a friend loaned us one of those great mesh floating things and he pretty much thinks it rocks. and, he enjoys just cruising the edges of the baby pool. and, it wears his cute bum out…which is awesome.

he loves to play and has zero shyness. over the 4th of july weekend we had a house full of friends for a cookout (which ended up inside). eli roamed the party like a pro — such a good host. then we had a birthday party the following day and he managed to log at least a mile of crawling around their backyard. at library storytime he has become the party animal — whatever the “play” is for the day, he’s in the middle of it. dirt, packing peanuts, etc. you name it and he’s in it to win it. he jumped in the pool of packing peanuts (which was meant to be used for digging for treasures) like it was a mosh pit and proceeded to “swim” in it while the other kids watched. that’s my boy. 🙂 i also introduced him to finger paint this week which was a huge hit. it required a hosing off as it quickly became body paint, but it was 100% worth it and resulted in some awesome masterpieces.

he loves his cups with straws and his new tervis tumbler (and my big one). we finally gave up on the sippy cup and went straight to a straw. he still is taking his morning/evening milk in a bottle (baby steps) but the daytime water and smoothies are via real cups/straws. smoothies are his new favorite — he managed to drink 1/2 of mine several times this week!

he likes corn on the cob, sweets (uh oh — keeping that one in check but when he has a taste his eyes light up!), mac and cheese (organic and mixed with veggies of course), loves smoothies and hates broccoli and carrots. he’s still loving veggie burgers, avocado and pretty much all fruit but he’s certainly gotten a little pickier. thank goodness we can hide kale in a smoothie!

i just really cannot get enough of our little man. each day, each week, each month bring so many new and amazing things. watching him learn is simply the best way i could ever think of spending my days. the best.20130710-211739.jpg20130710-211806.jpg20130710-211753.jpg20130710-211814.jpg20130710-211831.jpg20130710-211916.jpg20130710-211852.jpg20130710-211844.jpg20130710-211929.jpg</a




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