summer lovin’

the summer is flying by. a year ago i was sitting on our porch eating fresh peaches from jackson’s orchard while nursing eli. this year, eli is eating peaches with me (and watermelon, fresh corn, blueberries…the list goes on). my how time flies. that said, this summer seems to have slipped between our fingers before we even realized it was here. but we’ve managed to have some amazing memories nonetheless. some of my favorite include watching eli sample all of my favorite summer foods — popsicle, watermelon, corn on the cob — he loves it all. he also is in love with the pool (as am i since all the “big kids” at the pool think eli is the coolest kid ever and “babysit” him the whole time we are there!), loves his sidewalk chalk and bubbles and loves his wagon rides so he can point at the sky, birds, cars, etc all while telling me all about them. i really can’t get enough of him.

this week his mind seems to be even more of a sponge than ever before (guess it’s really time to start watching our language!). he can point at his belly, ears, toes, eyes, birds, trees, griff (“fff”). he can play his toy flute in the tub now (that was the coolest to watch him suddenly learn how to make it work!). he can efficiently drink out of a tervis tumbler. and, his newest word is “abby” (his new cousin!). when we ask him who he wants to meet, he says “Aaabbyy”. it’s simply adorable and awesome. my phone storage just isn’t capable of handling the sheer amount of pictures and videos i seems to capture in a day.

that said…here are a few from the recent weeks. here’s to an awesome summer of watermelon juice, play dates, pool time, grilling out, grandparent visits, and new/old friends.oh and we squeezed in a music festival with friends (while Eli crashed at gram and poppy’s) which was awesome!










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