highlights at 14 months

i remember day when the highlight was a sushi dinner out with friends, finishing a big project at work, hitting a fantastic sale. days when i would actually complete everything on my to-do list (and more!). days when i would make it to the gym, cook dinner, clean the house, walk the dogs, take a shower…the list goes on.

days have changed a lot. in a great way. of course, i still love ALL of the above, but the highlights of my days have changed.

my highlights now are on a smaller, yet MUCH larger scale.

this week/month highlights…

* loving crayons. eli always seems to locate stray pens and notepads and totes them around (perhaps we have a “to-do” lister in the making), and love, love, loves his sidewalk chalk. i noticed last week he’s been holding them correctly. so, i decided it was most certainly time for crayons and paper. huge hit. HUGE. he gets so into coloring and it’s simply precious.

* tried his first sample of “licking the cookie dough spoon” tonight. technically it was only almond butter as the dough has eggs (my three ingredient, go-to, pretty “healthy” cookies), but he loved it. of course, he tried to share with the dog at which point it got taken away and replaced with a new spoon), but it was a hit.

* SO, SO close to walking. i just know it’s going to happen this weekend since i’m going to be out of town. and honestly, i will be happy (and sad) if it does. i’m ready for this boy to walk!

* a new favorite hobby is not just riding in the wagon, but pushing it in circles. over and over and over and over again. it makes me dizzy but he gets a major kick out of it.

* play dates with girls. eli is a hit with the ladies of all ages. at the pool the “older” girls flock to him and nearly fight over who gets to hold him, take him swimming, etc. it’s pretty awesome to have some help at the pool and i am going to miss that dearly this winter! he also loves the ladies his own age and has been loving playdates with his buddy cherry (and i’ve loved getting to know a new friend!). playdates are great way to meet new people and i’m just sad our newest playdate and her mom are moving soon.

* separation anxiety has made a little bit of an appearance. i think this is due to vacation where he was by my side 24/7 for a solid week. i don’t even think i showered alone that week…he was with me a lot to say the least (and it was great). but it made leaving for work monday afternoon REALLY hard. he cried. i cried.

* food – still going good. he’s an eater for sure, but his palette is getting a little more picky. brocoli and green beans are not high on his list anymore. right now, he’s loving smoothies (and yes, i add in some spinach!), fresh peaches and watermelon, almond butter, quinoa (it’s back…tonight he plowed through it), pretzel sticks, cheese sticks, annie’s mac & cheese (which i hide veggies in) and avocado. he’s not loving veggie burgers (he loved them for a while and last night he hid them in his high chair!), green veggies and fish.

*other favorites – music (still). the boy LOVES to dance and wiggle. flap books. balls (all balls — including fruit that looks like a ball), straws (huge entertainment), the dogs, playing “i’m gonna get you” chase, pictures (he loves looking at pictures of family/friends/himself)

*words – mama, ball, ffff (this is usually for the dogs since we have “f”lanagan and grif”f”

* points to – his belly, toes, mouth and head; birds; dogs; balls; trees; drink. sometimes he can point to his ears, knees and eyes but it depends on his mood!)








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