creating fun

sometimes the early morning wakeup call (6am is still eli’s approximate morning routine) and minimal naps (sometimes we get great morning and afternoon naps, other days not so much) can make for long days. don’t get me wrong, they are still great days, but they can be long. when you look at the clock and it’s 9:40 and you are ready for a nap and lunch, you know it’s going to be a long one. we’ve had some amazing weather this summer (think: mild and not the typical crazy humidity), but there have also been quite a few days that the mere fear of rain (or downpours) have forced us indoors for longer periods.

enter creating fun.

we always have the go to’s such as balls, books, the pantry (he still loves the damn straws), sidewalk chalk (outdoors only — at least we try considering our kitchen appliances and floor were covered in yellow chalk last week). a couple weeks ago, we incorporated crayons into eli’s life and he LOVES them. my little artist loves to draw. unfortunately, in less than two weeks we have gone through 4 boxes of crayons. griff and flanangan (otherwise known as “FFF” in eli’s language) have eaten 4 packs. FOUR. seriously…these dogs are killing me. killing me. side note, do NOT buy walgreens generic crayons. not good.

anyway, last week, i put eli in a box (ahem, thanks nordstrom) and put the crayons in there with him. who knew that would provide days of entertainment! and, balloons…well, they are just brilliant. floating balls, yes please. pk’s 40th birthday was last week so we had balloons (and cake) for days. eli was on cloud nine.

another source of entertainment…corn on the cob. the first couple times he merely pawed it. but now, he can efficiently clean every kernel off the cob in record time.

i am so sad to see summer coming to a close as it has been just perfect. pool time, summer dinners, play dates, travels, sidewalk chalk, lots of swinging, finger painting the sidewalks, post-dinner wagon strolls, fresh peaches and corn…the list goes on. i am excited to see what fall brings (hikes, leaves, apple picking, etc.) but i am trying to savor these last few weeks.

cheers to the end of the best summer. ever.











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