our lil’ cardinal

last year we packed eli to nearly every home UL football game (all but one that was too late and too cold for him and me!). looking back, it was easy (although it didn’t seem it at the time). all things considered, taking a 4 month old to ballgames is quite easier than taking a 15 month old. 4 month old babies don’t wander, they can sleep anywhere, their food is extremely easy (hello boob), they are content bouncing/rocking/bjorning for hours. a 15 month old…not so much. eli likes to be on the go ALL THE TIME. he gets uber cranky when he doesn’t nap (it’s ugly). he likes to sit for approximately 12 seconds before he needs to be up and at it. he likes to eat a lot. he likes to throw things. he’s a toddler and that’s just what they do (and it’s awesome but makes ballgames interesting!).

that said, he’s still 2 for 2 when it comes to UL football games this year. the first game was quite the disaster (in my book). but last weekend was SO much better. noon games might not be fun for those sans kids/want to tailgate/etc., but they are officially my favorite now. who says you cannot enjoy a beer at 10:30am (9:30CT)…especially if you’ve been up since 6am with a toddler and it’s a game day!

anyway, noon games work much better. eli napped on the way up and was ready to play at the tailgate (where we had aforementioned beer), ate lunch while watching the game (thanks to a prepared mom who loaded a diaper bag FULL of snacks), played with some of our friends, watched the band up close with the biggest eyes he’s ever had (thanks to a pass to the president’s suite), and had a ball (pun intended). he made it the entire game and crashed in the carseat before we could even pull out of our parking spot. it was perfection.

this weekend he will not be attending the UK/UL rival game (mainly b/c we don’t want to buy him a ticket as required at UK and b/c the last time we went to this rival game in Lexington, it was not a place i would want my child). however, he will be wearing his cardinal red all weekend and supporting his team. i know pk is beyond proud that his little “mini me” recognizes the cardinal bird, throws footballs and genuinely loves balls. it makes my heart smile to see the two of them already bonding over this mutual love. so much so that it has made me appreciate and enjoy the sport even more.

go cards!





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