15 months

i think i start every “month” post the same…where does the time go?! how is eli 15 months old?! it’s crazy and life is crazy, but it’s also SO MUCH FUN.

i miss baby (baybee as eli says). i miss nursing and rocking him to sleep. i miss his milk drunk body after eating. i miss his sweet “new baby” smell. but as much as i miss “baybee” eli, i am amazing at how much i love each new day and phase. i hate being away from him because with a day comes so much change. somehow in the past couple months we have a full-blown toddler. he “toddles” around (and into) everything and it’s both hysterical and adorable. by 8am our house looks like a small tornado has passed through it…cabinets open, bowls strewn, books everywhere, crayons in every crevis, laundry pulled out of drawers, balls flying through the air, food smeared on clothes (and hair). by 5pm this is all multiplied (although i do clean/straighten as we go b/c otherwise it would take 2 hours at the end of the day!) and he is sweaty, smelly and dirty — and usually covered in dirt and sidewalk chalk from head to toe. oh, and usually we have at least one new war wound to show for the day — scrapes, cuts, bruises…they are pretty common around here.

a few highlights…

walking is full force. he now has a few gears and when he wants can kick it into almost a power walk/jog.

he LOVES the dogs (i don’t but he sure does) and they usually love him. we are still having some issues with them — mostly food related aggression, but we are working through that with keeping them out of sight when eli is carrying food around. griff still lingers under the high chair for handouts (and has packed on the freshman 15 due to it), but flanagan has a few residence outside during all meal times as she has no self-control and basically was jumping into eli’s lap to lick him and the plate. sigh. dogs.

sidewalk chalk, balls, football games, books, balloons, swinging and anything that isn’t a toy (remotes, phones, purses, the fridge drawers, clean (or dirty) laundry, pens (learned a hard lesson here — pens and leather ottomans do not go well together) are a few of his favorites. he’s really, really into books right now which is so sweet.

food is still a highlight in eli’s world. i’m hoping he remains a good eater but i’ll take it as long as i can for now. his current favorites are strawberries, mac and cheese (annie’s organic of course), lara bars (new love), almond butter sandwiches/toast/waffles, smoothies, grapes, triscuts with hummus and cheese. he’s had a lot of new things recently and i’m trying to get better about mixing things up. he has to get bored! he’s in the 75th percentile in weight (pretty amazing considering he started in the 25th) so he’s doing pretty darn good!

words — BALL is still his go-to word. he sees a game on tv and says “ball”, sees apples and says “ball”, sees anything round and says “ball”. pk is so proud.

socializing — he’s a party animal. he loves ballgames, playdates, story time at the library, the nursery at the ymca. older kids and babies — he likes them all. he is totally a little politician.

basically, the days are more and more fun with eli. of course, there are some that are a little hairier than others (for instance, he was a bear on wednesday but we all have our “days”! side note: i dressed him in his suspender jeans and a cardigan so he would look like a grumpy old man to fit his grumpy mood!).

on one hand i want to pause time but on the other hand i can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.







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