catch up post – fall/vaca/16 months and more

just when i think things will settle down, they seem to get busier. i guess that’s just life…especially life with an active (and getting more active by the day) toddler.

so, here’s a little recap. i really don’t recall where i left off — maybe a month ago when eli turned 15 months?! now, he’s 16 months and while i may have taken a hiatus from blogging, i by no means took a hiatus from doing fun things with eli and/or snapping pics (thank goodness for instagram!).

* fall has been amazing. afterall, it’s my favorite time of year for so many reasons (one being this is when we found out we were pregnant two years ago!). the crisp air, the clean smell, pumpkin everything, soup season, scarves/boots, hot tea…the list could go on. but, now it’s even more fun. watching eli giggle when the leaves crackle under his tiny feet, seeing his eyes light up every time we are at the local pumpkin patch when he sees all the orange “balls”, teaching eli to eat apples fresh from the orchard and watching as he masters the process, putting on our jackets to go on a late afternoon wagon stroll, giving him a spoon to lick after making pumpkin cookies (no eggs so not to worry). it literally makes life feel more brilliant. i have stopped to smell the roses more this fall than ever before thanks to eli’s amazement over everything. he sees a chipmunk and he stops dead in his tracks to gaze and follow it. it’s amazing and i for one needed (and need daily) the reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

* we just returned from a trip north to portland, maine and DC. we visited some of pk’s med school friends in maine and it was divine. not only is portland just as quaint and gorgeous as i imagined, but we had a blast with our friends and their kids. on saturday we took all the kids (7 kids ranging in age from 2-10 and 6 adults) to a corn maze/pumpkin farm and then carried in fresh lobsters for dinner. add in some great wine and hiking and the trip was perfect. eli had a ball playing with all the older kids and i swear made some huge advances thanks to their behaviors (all good!). after four days in portland, we ventured to DC for 5 days where pk had a meeting. eli and i decided to tag along since my aunt and uncle live there too. of course, this happened to be the week that the government was shut down so we weren’t able to hit the zoo and a few other places eli would have enjoyed, but we still had a blast. the national building museum is quite possibly one of the coolest places for kids ever, and the national children’s museum was not far behind. we also strolled to georgetown (a nice hike from downtown) and met up with a college friend of mine for shopping, lunch and cupcakes (of course). and, the icing on the (cup)cake was eli getting to know my aunt judy and uncle jimmy better. they graciously toted eli and me around on monday and tuesday to museums, lunch and dinner while pk was in his meetings. after being on the road and living out of suitcases for 9 days we finally made it home with a house full of colds. pk and i had a minor case of the yucks, but poor eli got the real deal. he’s been down for the count since wednesday and it’s heart breaking. he was SUCH a trooper on the trip — napping, eating, sleeping at random times and places and for the most part going with the flow. i think his little body was just done. so, we’ve spent the past few days holed up inside trying to nurse him back to health. a few firsts for eli — he tried REAL sushi and loved it and lobster. crazy boy…this could get really expensive!

* maybe due to the travels and being around older kids and exposing him to new things, or maybe just due to natural progress, pk and i agree that eli made a lot of strides with his speech and communication while we were gone. he picked up several new words such as “it’s cold”, airplane, apple, banana, as well as becoming completely versed in the sign language symbol for “more”. he’s running now (not just toddling) and will do “touchdown” arms on demand and/or when he sees a football game on tv. it’s adorable. my aunt and uncle were amazed at his little free spirit that is go-go-go-go all the time…until he hits the wall and falls asleep mid bite of pirates booty. what he also seems to have gained is more of a temper. this little man can be fierce. he was with us every day for two weeks (and with me 24/7) living in one room so it has made the separation anxiety come out a little. that combined with his cold has made for some rough napping/sleeping schedule issues.

* a few of his current favorite things at 16 months: sidewalk chalk, books (and more books…the little ones and big ones…he loves them all), keys (specifically likes to his the trunk open button — that’s fun, pirates booty (he’s going to be a pirate for halloween thanks to the discovery that eli will be quiet and behave on a plane, in restaurant, etc. if we feed him mounds of pirates booty), still loves cheese and avocado. he loves to watch football games and gets excited at the proper times. he LOVES steering wheels.

overall, i just can’t say enough how blessed our little family is. without going in to too much detail (maybe later), i am simply embracing everything our little man has brought to our family and trying hard to minimize the “what if’s” and “should we” that so often can consume me. for now, life is pretty damn close to perfect…whatever perfect may be. 🙂



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