so much to be thankful for

with a whirlwind of holiday prep, work, travels (nothing too exciting but weekly trips to Louisville and/or Lexington for ballgames, concerts, etc.), flanagan passing away and a few other things that will remain unmentioned (for now), i have yet again slacked on keeping eli’s blog up-to-date. so here is yet another “catch up” hodge-podge post. and since this week marks one of my favorite times, it seems only appropriate that this post be centered around being grateful. thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays as it is a time to reflect and have a full heart and soul. a time to put aside everything and focus on what’s truly important — family, friends and joy.

eli is just a couple weeks shy of being 18 months old. that seems huge to me. at 18 months they turn into a real toddler it seems. he gets lumped in with the 2 and 3 year olds instead of the babies. it sort of breaks my heart and warms it at the same time.

these days are amazing. they are trying and tough. they are sometimes long and napless. there are lots of snotty noses, wipeouts (he falls at least 12x a day — at least), lots of “NO’s” (his new favorite word), lots of messes, lots of laughs and above all, lots and lots of fun. like every mother in the univese says, “it goes by far too fast”. it really does.

this weekend we took eli to yet another UL football game (b-ball as he calls it) and when he wasn’t completely mesmerized by the game action, he was running around in the club area with the 8 & 9 year old boys trying to play football with them. before i turn around, he will be one of those older boys. i want to push pause…just every few months so i can really take inventory and appreciate every single thing he says and does because it changes daily.

so, what is he into at 17.5 months (besides everything — especially if he shouldn’t be touching it!)

“no” has become a favorite. “Eli do you want ice cream” – NO. “Eli do you want to go swing?” – No. No, No, No. Of course, half the time he says NO and then does exactly what you just asked.

a few of his other words:
air-phhh (airplane) – he’s obsessed. when he sees them in the sky, on tv, in books, on his pj’s, he is in awe.

back-hoe (he loves them)

doorde (meaning “George” as in curious). he can’t quite say his “g” yet. gram is thing of changing her name to dam.


Chee (cheese) / bee(beets)

titty tat (kitty cat — and an awesome high pitched screech that is his meow!)

Ba-ket-ball (Espn is a winner in our house)

he also knows what cows, horses, cats, dogs and donkeys say

wow. this kid can eat. i can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like when he’s a teenager (costco, here i come). a few favorites: hummus (he loves to dip), cookies (he especially loves gram’s chocolate chip cookies and signs for MORE and PLEASE alot when he’s around those!), avocado, cheese sticks, mac & cheese, oatmeal, bananas (manana), yogurt, grapes, Lara bars and….the biggest hit of all…pirates booty (aka baby crack). seriously, it’s baby crack. if it were renamed baby booty they could easily jack up the price and mamas would pay it (do you hear that pirates booty?!). some days he literally will eat all day long and it’s shocking. tonight after dinner he saw me unloading some larabars into the pantry and chased me down begging (using his “more” and “please” signs) and polished it off in about 2 minutes flat. right after dinner!

favorite things:
airplanes (real and in books/on tv/etc), toy cars, remote controls, curious george (books and show!), all balls — basketball (ba-ket-ball), football (b-ball), beach balls (beee ball), trains (choo choo), leaves, pushing anything and iphones.

but beyond the words, food and favorite things, i am completely mesmerized by his little sponge of a brain. he sees me do something and he does it. he watches, absorbs and repeats. sometimes i feel like i can actually see his mind working and processing things and it’s awesome. i often just sit back and stare and watch as he plays or even sleeps and just soak it all in. i know i’m a bit bias, but he’s so sharp, so smart and so, so full of personality.

to close this hodge-podge post, i want to make it known and remebered forever that THESE are the days. my life, our life…it’s beautiful. yes, we’re busy. yes, we’re tired. yes, we’re running from here to there and everywhere…just like the rest of the world, yes, we often wonder about the grass being greener and have our typical issues, but, it’s beautiful. as we embark on thanksgiving, i am aware of how grateful and appreciative i am of my life (the good and the bad things).

happy thanksgiving, my friends.









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