18 months and the next chapter

posts are becoming few and far between, i know. but i’m not quite ready to let this blog die. it’s eli’s life (from creation to now!); it’s his baby book (really, this IS it). i plan on printing it into a book at some point sooner vs. later, but i keep waiting for a cut off point…and i don’t want there to be one. i love, LOVE going back and reading older posts. in the blur of diapers, tears, feedings, errands, books, chores and such, it’s easy to forget about how beautiful life really is. i re-read some of the posts and think “wow, i remember how CRAZY i felt that day!” or i recall the exact feeling i had when eli said or did something for the first time. i don’t think there is any better way for me to remember and capture these beautiful moments than through this blog. i’ve said it before and i will say it again, sometimes the days seem like they last an eternity, but the months and year(s) fly by. yesterday my little nugget was merely a dream in our hearts and now he is 18 months old. so…until that time when i just can’t write any more posts, i will keep up this little blog b/c it makes my heart smile EVERY time i read it. hopefully it makes others smile too.

18 months and counting…

Favorite toys: trains (choo-choo), remote controls (calls them dada), nutcrackers (especially the life size one in our family room), balls of any sort, air planes (still air-phh-phh), curious george (dord as he calls him). the kid is pretty obsessed with all things boy…he’s a hot (beautiful) mess. christmas is going to be a blast this year.

Foods: the kid still loves his food (as shown in his 75% percentile in weight:). some favorites right now include lara bars (i can’t open one without him wanting it…all), avocado, pineapple, cheese, mac & cheese, and most recently, he loves butternut squash soup. he also loves his sweets so we have to reign that in a tad (dada…he can’t have them 3x a day!) — “cooo-kee” as he says.

Activities: we stay pretty busy with the library story hour/play times, regular play dates, swim lessons (just ended last night) and just general play time at home and out/about. i am not as organized as some, but i try to do crafty things with him to keep him occupied and interested. he loves play dough, boxes, markers (not to be confused with crayons…he much prefers things that are permanent), peek-a-boo, spinning in circles, emptying my pantry (big fun to unload lara bars and throw stevia packets on the floor), eating, and BA-KET-BALL. He adores basketball — on tv, in person and playing it. it thrills PK to pieces. we paint, we draw, we dance, we sing…we keep pretty busy these days!

My favorite things: so, so many, but one of my favorite things of all time is bedtime routine. we have a bath and then read books and rock. it melts my heart. then when i place him in the crib, he looks up at me with a face that shows complete joy and content; he is so happy and sleepy. it literally makes my heart burst with joy.

Hard times: we seem to be entering the tantrum mode and boy can he throw them. he does NOT like to not get his way…not sure who he got that from. anyway, it’s incredible. tears, lashing arms, screams…it’s so sad but at the same time it’s also quite funny when you know it’s over something like the pretzel falling on the floor and griff eating it. however, yesterday he was super upset after his nap and i couldn’t figure out the reason…now that does not make me happy. i felt so helpless as i tried to find anything and everything to ease his “pain”. finally he calmed down but it took well over an hour. sleep is still an ongoing struggle in our house too…some days he will snooze or at least stay in his crib happily until 6:30/7. most days it’s more the 5:45 mark when we hear the sounds start. that can make for a long ass day (thank goodness for the ymca and childcare when mommy needs an hour!).

Holiday fun: i have always been a bit of a scrooge when it comes to holidays, but this year has already been a game changer for me. the look in eli’s eyes when he sees the tree lit up is enough to convert me to mrs. claus. we’ve decorated a gingerbread house (he loved that…well he loved eating it), we’ve read tons of holiday books, we’ve gone to the polar express train in bowling green, we’ve visited with santa (twice!) and we have played with our collection of nutcrackers and nativities (the fisher price nativity is awesome by the way. thanks gram!). it’s been a blast. i cannot wait to decorate cookies with him next week and, most of all, see his face light up on christmas morning when he sees ALL the goodies santa has for him (i may have gone a bit overboard).

a certain someone is stirring and ready to get up from his LONG winter nap (2.5 hours!) so i’m off to cuddle and play and using this as a reminder to relax and ENJOY this amazing time of year with my little man as he soaks up every minute of his 2nd christmas.














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