i am…

32 years young.


mother to one child (hence 99% of the blog content).

mom to two dogs (hence the blog name).

a ‘recovered’ infertile (why the blog came to life).

living in glasgow, ky (small town in rural kentucky). but my heart belongs to louisville (and probably always will) so we spend a lot of time both places.

a part-time pilates/barre teacher (i finally turned my hobby/obsession into a career…i love fitness!)

a freelance marketing gal (with a couple of amazing clients!)

fortunate to have unbelievable friends (from my old life and new).

a chocoholic (especially dark with sea salt). sigh.

a major fruit/veggie lover and firm believer of the 80/20 rule of eating…eat clean and healthy 80% of the time and anything you want 20% of the time (read: chocolate!).

addicted to red wine (winter), champagne (year-round), sparkling water (all the time).

this blog started as a cathartic tool to release some of my frenetic energy and anxiety about desperately trying to procreate. we were fortunate enough to become pregnant after years of trying and had a baby boy (eli) in june 2011. so, the blog transitioned to a pregnancy journal and now has evolved into eli’s baby book. i welcome you to read about our journey, but keep in mind this is merely a way for me to record our amazing memories in our journey of becoming a mom and being a mom. and i will never forget our path and what it took for us to get here. and i will forever have a special place in my heart for ANYONE struggling with infertility. it is a saddening, lonely, all-consuming “disease”. my heart and fertile thoughts go out to anyone struggling.

p.s. Oh, and I have a thing for parentheses (in case you haven’t noticed)!


2 thoughts on “about

  1. I am SO glad you commented on my blog, because it made me find yours… hilarious! I love your love for parenthesis! (I also have a love for them, in case you haven’t noticed)

  2. I would love to “speak” with you (email) regarding a new infertility support concept I’m beginning to work on. Would you please send me an email at amy@thiscrossiembrace.com? Much appreciated!! And, beautiful baby boy 🙂

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