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at some point i phased away from keeping up with my eli blog. it started to become cumbersome (which sounds and is ridiculous) so i stopped. and i’m mad at myself. so, i’m back. i’m not sure what it’s going to look like, but i know i want to keep it up. for me and for eli. i want him to be able to look back in 40 years when he’s raising kids of his own and smile at the memories. he deserves that. and, when i’m old and bored, it will make me smile to read and remember our beautiful life. so, here we are again…

i’m not even going to attempt to fill in the gap from where i left off at 19 months…that would take forever and i know i would throw in the towel (so we’ll defer to Facebook and instagram to fill the gap). instead i will pic up where we left off…

eli is TWO! and he is simply awesome. i know, i know, i am a little bias, but seriously he is spectacular. he is full of smiles, laughs, giggles, hugs and a complete and total chatter box. he’s a little bundle of fun. the more i’m with him each day, the more i hate to be away from him at all. as pk will attest to, if you miss a week with him right now, he changes and grows more than you can imagine. i’m going to use this post to laundry list some of the things that are highlights in our life right now and then try (TRY!) to stay consistent.

Favorite Activities:
*swimming – loves to swim with his puddle jumper. we’ve had two weeks of lessons and he’s loving the big pool and baby pool. we’ve spent many an hour at the pool this summer with our buddies

*play dates – i have an awesome play group – moms and kids – that gets together regularly. eli loves his little buddies and i LOVE having mommy friends in the same stage. life. saver. eli loves kids…in fact he says “i wanna play with kids” quite a bit. i have a little only-child guilt so i am constantly finding ways for us to interact with other kids — the pool, library, park, play dates…you name it and we do it.

*animals – ducks, camels, horses, cows, zebras…you name it and we love it. we find every chance we can to find them, feed them, talk to them, etc.

*trucks/planes/tractors/bulldozers – anything big, loud and moving and eli loves it. all boy over here. all boy.

*books – loves to read (gram’s heart bursts with pride over this!). right now we are reading a lot of “the giving tree”, “where the wild things are”, “curious george” and “thomas” top the list, but really he loves all books.

*thomas the train” – books, trains, cartoon, figurines…anything and everything thomas. “they’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight….” is stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.

* mickey – still loving mickey mouse (and sings the song!).

*riding toys – we have at least 10. the green car (plasma car) and tricycle are winners at the moment.

*toy cars. especially my old ones from when i was little. my mom recently brought a bag of them to the beach (when eli and i crashed their vacation!) and he had a ball playing with the vintage collection.

*buckling everything (anything that fastens, clasps, buttons, etc. is a winner)

eli’s vocabulary is pretty insane. at his two-year appt. the pediatrician asked if he was speaking in 2-3 word sentences…well we bypassed that months ago. he’s more in the 6-8 word sentences. he’s VERY verbal (wonder who he takes that after…). some of my favorite sayings:

“mama hold you” (i.e. pick me up)
“what’s dat mama” on repeat 1000x a day (i.e. what’s that)
“tank you” (i.e. thank you”)
“i love you” (melts my heart EVERY single time)

he has started using pronouns and proper structure some too which is pretty impressive to me. “mama’s car is in the garage. it’s over there”.

all food. haha.
loves orange (chedder) and brown (chocolate) bunnies.
mac and cheese (mac-a-moni)
blueberries (as in 10lb boxes each week this summer)
treats (the kid gets his sweet tooth fair and square)
cookies/treats (any kind, all kinds).
fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from our garden (straight from the vine!)
he is a good eater and pretty healthy. yes he will devour ice cream and cookies, but i work hard to make sure he eats a good balance of veggies. i am very, very thankful he’s a good eater and hope it continues!

Mama’s Favorites:
i am a amazed by eli every day. the things he says, the things he absorbs, the things he learns in front of my very eyes is simply unbelievable. he’s a sponge. he’s my little best friend. my love. watching him grow every day and change is quite possibly the coolest thing i’ve ever experienced. he has completed me and made me a better person. he’s made my heart bigger and my patience higher. he’s made me appreciate life. even on the crazy, hectic, no-nap days he reminds me to stop and look at every bulldozer on the side of the rode and stop to investigate/apprecaite the worm crawling on the sidewalk. he slows me down and speeds me up. he has made me love life more than i ever thought possible.