not a fertile myrtle

As I alluded in my profile, my husband and i had a long, unsuccessful journey in our quest to have a child. we tried for 3+ years. in the beginning it was fun and new; but after time the “newness” wore off and it is not. i will refrain from too many details (you will learn more over the course of my posts), but in a nutshell here is a summary of our fertility journey:

started “trying” July 2008 (you have to “try” for a year before you can be classified as infertile)

started fertility drugs July 2009 (fermara) for a few months. peed on ovulation sticks and pregnancy tests(quite obsessively) – nothing.

december 2009 – went to fertility specialist (will not mention his name, but he is a complete idiot and no one should waste their money — just know to beware of a certain fertility specialist in Louisville KY who has a last name that starts with “H”. He is a complete douchebag). with said doctor, we did two IUI (insemination) cycles. both were unsuccessful.

march 2010 – decided to move to doctor in cincinnati and proceed with treatments. with dr. a (side note – he has gotten MANY of my “fertility friends” pregnant and he is a crazy-smart, dear man). did one IVF cycle (unsuccessful) followed by one IUI cycle (unsuccessful).

may 2010 – July 2011 – took time “off” from scientific treatments to save money (insurance covers nada — that’s an entire post on it’s own), regain sanity, etc. meanwhile, focused on more holistic methods including acupunture, herbal treatments, BBT charting, changes in lifestyle (stopped/decreased running, cut out most processed foods, decreased alcohol (within reason), gained a few lbs, reduced stress by going part time with work, etc.). in addition, we threw in 4-5 rounds of clomid for fun. clearly, nothing worked.

august 2011 – started “the process” back again with dr. a. did another IVF cycle, which failed (again). depression in full force.

september 2011 – dr. a suggested we try 2-3 more IUI before our next IVF cycle. he didn’t like the way my eggs/embryos were responding to IVF and wanted to try some unconventional steps (back forth IVF/IUI). well, much to our surprise and glee, it worked! we got pregnant from this last IUI. we were amazed and blessed.

june 2012 – mark eliot (eli) klapheke was born. life changed. forever.

so, that’s my history. i was very bitter in the early stages of this blog. bitter, angry, sad, hurt, worried, scared…you name it. i was a hot mess. and now that i am part of this “club” called parenthood i will be blogging about our experience, BUT i will never, ever forget the path that got us here. i understand if you are struggling and need to stop reading this blog. and, i also understand if you want to continue reading it for the sake of continued hope. my heart goes out to those still struggling. you are not alone.


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