our “other” kids

our two kids, Griff and Flanagan.

flanagan is 6.5 year old, humane society, beagle mix and a complete wild woman.

griff is 1.5 year old english bulldog and has the BEST personality.

they were not friends at first sight…it took a while for flanagan to adapt to having a younger brother, but all is well (until dinnertime) these days.

they are just your typical pups with a great life. a big yard to run, walks, yummy food (Griff is on a hypoallergenic diet and LOVE bananas; Flanagan will eat just about anything that lands on the floor), their own room, etc. griff is a bit high maintenance and had a stint with a vet ophthalmologist and dermatologist. so when we say they are like kids, it’s the truth!

we love and adore them. and spoil them rotten. how could you not love these faces?

aka: Griff-a-potamos

Griff's favorite sunbathing pose.

She may look innocent, but she's not!

Flanagan. Yes, she is named after an irish bar we love

Griff and Flanagan sibling love

sibling love

Griff as a baby


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