“that makes mama sad”

to say that your toddler will repeat things you say is an understatement at our house.

eli repeats everything. especially if it’s something you don’t want him to repeat/hear. let’s just say he’s said his fair share of curse words (i’m not proud, but when you step on a toy car at 6am nothing really helps except to scream SHIT at the top of your lungs). and, it makes the situation at least funny (and less focus on the pain) when your toddler walk around saying “shit. sit. shit. sit.” for the next 30 minutes. he also seems to hear (and repeat) only the things he wants to. “Eli, clean up your toys.”, “Eli, come here.”, “Eli, stop that.” seem to fall on deaf ears when he doesn’t want to do what we’re asking. but, as soon as he hears something along the lines of “outside” or “treats” and he is quick to come running and repeating! in other words, if we don’t mean it (especially when it comes to treats and/or going outside to play), we can’t say it.

one of the funniest things he has picked up recently that has become a regular staple in his vocabulary is “that makes XXX sad”. apparently, i have said that to him one too many times. “don’t hit griff, that makes griff sad.”, “why won’t you hug mama, that makes mama sad.”…you know. now, whenever eli doesn’t want to do something and he says “no”, he follows it with “that makes [insert noun] sad”. everything can be sad. the toy airplane, the bath, the diapers, his shoes…they all get sad. it’s actually pretty cute. i guess he’s at least gathering that he has to consider the feelings of others (although we have to work on the fact that objects like his pants and shoes don’t have true feelings…that’s down the road). right now, i’m okay with him thinking it makes his trains sad if he launches them across the room (those suckers hurt too).

these little habits are just part of his evolving personality which amazes me every day. i don’t want to wish away time (i’m soaking it up…even the days we get up at 4:30am and have one 30 minute nap — yes that happened wednesday and it was a LONG day), but i am anxious to watch his personality and see the little boy, teenager, young adult and man he becomes. if his two-year-old personality is any indication, i think we are in for a good time as he’s full of energy, love, hugs and curiosity.






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